Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Voiceless Nasals

O man. Syntax is driving me crazy. I don't get all of these non-active complement things. The only thing that's running through my head is voiceless nasals and glottal stops. I haven't read my ~20+ page sociolinguistic chapter yet. Eeeek! PANIC! And we started talking in our Hindi labs today. I missed a question on the test because I thought he said 'ak' instead of 'nak' and I started laughing because the little boy only had one eye instead of a nose. Duh! Oh well. The bloops of learning a language. It's great fun though, and I'm really enjoying myself.

Tomorrow our volleyball team plays the only team we haven't played yet. We're the top 2, so I'm pretty nervous. My depth perseption and hand eye cordination are horrible, but I do have a party though.

I know that it sounds like I'm going insane, and that the only thing left really to say is "If I only had a brain!" but I am having a lot of fun and the experience is totally worth it.

The fireworks were great last night!

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