Thursday, July 07, 2005

Bursts of Joy!

I'm learning my gifts ... not syntax ... :( Life goes on. I am really enjoying all the sounds in phonetics though. (I wonder why.) I made it through yet another day.

My beautiful niece Lily Margaret is blossoming into a girl now rather than a baby. Well, I suppose that people don't blossom into babies. Hmm ... you can figure that one out. Check out the link on the right that says Dapelos. What a little shnukum. I'm not even kidding you! She is now 3 months and 2 weeks-ish. Amazing!

I am learning so many lessons on when to lean back and kick off my shoes, and when to study. Who'm I kidding? It's boot camp. No no, I am having quite I fun time. We won our VB game last night. What a relief - by one serve. Yikes I thought I was going to hypervenalate I was so excited. ;) Life is good and full of little bursts of joy.

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