Friday, May 15, 2009

Waiting, but not waiting...

The transitions are not done, and I don't really expect them to be. With my life, staying in one place would just be weird. Right now, I am trying to get all my worldly possessions packed up. My parents are moving to California next week. I am sad that they are leaving me, but I am so happy that they are beginning their internship at a wonderful church in beautiful Salinas!

Praise the Lord I'm not homeless! ...for now. I'm hauling my junk to my cousins' house about half an hour away. I'll stay with them until June 6th when I'll be driving up to SIL-UND with Josh. We'll be studying with geeky linguists and playing volleyball and frisbee for two months! Josh is taking Package A, and I am looking forward to taking the Literacy Megacourse. It's going to be valuable training for translation work, and it will also apply toward my M.A. in Dallas at GIAL. Please pray for us as we continue to seek the Lord separately and together for his guidance with how to serve Him.

After SIL, I'm hoping to come back to the Twin Cities to find a job and a place to live. I need to work and save some money before I go back to Dallas to finish my program. God is good, and He ALWAYS provides. His ways are best. Right now, I'm learning that though I'm still waiting to go overseas, this shouldn't be a period of waiting. I, with Josh, am praying for an effective ministry right where He has placed me/us. There are many opportunites, and I am praying to be used somehow for His glory.
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