Friday, October 21, 2005

Lessons through a naughty fuel pump.

It's another morning and his mercies are definitely new this morning. I am in a pretty good mood with my lack of sleep and caffeine withdrawals. I have a paper due, an exam to take, a car to pick up at the mechanics, and a night of waitressing. That fuel pump! God is so good though, and through my frustration He is teaching me patience whether I like it or not, and I love it!!! Praise Him, praise Him! Greek is going well and I've taken my first exam. I'm still nervous, but I'm confident His strength will come through in my weakness. Right now one of my biggest joys is the thought of going home in less than 2 months, Lord willing. God's grace.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Auntie Ruthie Speaks

What is going on? Why does this little boy (Luke) have his hand on Lily's? And, why is she laughing? Hmm... tsk tsk. Lily, you can't even talk yet and you're already flirting.

Sunday, October 16, 2005

Ministered to.

Okay, so you know how I believe that my workplace is my ministry? I was so blessed and encouraged when it became a place where I am ministered to.

The other day I went into work sort of flustered and feeling a bit crabby. Well, we get totally slammed and I just want to cry. I go to the back where I have a party of five and take them their 5 waters with lemons. They place their orders, and the man on the right looks at me. "I have two questions for you... 1 does the Greek salad come with dressing?"
"Yes, it comes with oil and vinegar."
"2 is there anything that you would like prayer for?"
I almost fell on the floor. I had tables everywhere, the place was swarming and this table, in my section wanted to pray for ME!
"Yes!!! As a matter of fact, I do."
I proceeded to explain to them my decision to study linguistics and ancient languages and how I was feeling overwhelmed and I didn't really know what the Lord has for me in the area of Bible Translation. (I had a meeting with an adviser earlier that day)
... I ran and got their salads, and I found no new tables and none of my other tables needing anything! (Very rare) I went back to the table and they all put their hands on me after they asked me if they could. All 5 of them prayed for me right there in the restaurant as I stood over their table. They prayed for school, guidance, finances, that the Holy Spirit would anoint and guide me, and that I would remain strong in the faith. What an encouragement. I don't know why I'm so amazed at the way the Holy Spirit works, but I am! He is amazing! They left and I ran to the front giving them the bill and a quick note of thanks. I went back to work and saw that they had left me a $26 tip. I don't know what the Lord was thinking, or what he fully intended, but the encouragement and comfort they left me is indescribable. It also convicted me and my attitude at work. What am I there for?
Later that night, I had another opportunity to talk with a grandfather of one of my co-workers... a believer! He spoke of his evangelism opportunities and encouraged me to be in the word and pray everyday, promising to pray for ME!

"Thank you, LORD!"

Monday, October 10, 2005

What's new?

Well, I feel like tons is going on. I am going crazy with classes and making decisions about my major. It's looking like it's going to be Linguistics and Ancient Languages. I'm excited. I have quad break in a week, so I'm looking forward to that. God's good; I'm realizing that more and more every day. I'm really busy and tons is going on, but I'm alive!
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