Sunday, September 03, 2006

Hysterically Ironic!

My last first day of school!

I was sitting in Environmental Science on Wednesday, and a friend behind me reminded me of the fact that that day was my last first day of college! Incredible. It has gone by so fast, yet I have a whole two semesters to go. This semester is going to be a heavy load, but I'm looking forward to all that I'm going to learn. My class schedule is full:

Intermediate Greek I
Classical Hebrew I
Environmental Science & Lab
Music in World Cultures
Directed Study focused on Bible Translation Theory

The Lord is teaching me so much in discipline, patience, and priorities. I was just offered a nanny job which starts this Wednesday. Hopefully I'll find a second one after a few interviews. I thought about going back to Baker's Square, but my knees could use a break for this semester at least. Recovery has gone suprisingly well, and my therapist is happy. I have a doctor's appointment on Tuesday. I pray the results are noticeable improvement.

In my last post, I mentioned that Esther (my sister) was in an immobilizer from a work related injury. She had surgery a couple weeks ago on her left knee (same as mine), and the recovery isn't going as well as we anticipated. Please keep her in your prayers through this time of pain and frustration.

Our family is having a wonderful time together in seminary housing. Mama is hoping to substitute teach this upcoming year, Daddy is helping the Bible Schoolers move in today (He's the new Director of Student Outreach at AFLBS.) and preparing for seminary classes to begin this week, and John is going to finish his last year through online studies and the public high school. The Lord is really working things out and putting pieces in place. Praise HIM! We sure miss Esther, Joe, Mary, Lily, upcoming Baby, and the Rosemead compound though.
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