Friday, June 04, 2010

25 Things You've Just Got to Know

Someone asked me to email her some favorite stories about my childhood in Bangladesh since she's on her way to work as a missionary in that area of the world. I decided to give here a list of 25 things she needs to know before her departure. Here you have it!
  1. I don't get lice anymore. As a child, it was normal to have lice. You will at some point, probably many times.
  2. I don't see rabid dogs anymore. I still giggle a little when I see people walking their dogs and taking them for car rides. Dogs are dirty mutts, and yes, I've had rabies shots. Twice.
  3. Bones are tough in the USA. You can eat the chicken bones there because of the skinny chickens. My mom did. The marrow is good for you. Don't be surprised to find a chicken comb on your plate. Oh, and cows are skinny.
  4. People don't yell "Sexy!" at me anymore (except for my husband). You will probably get offers of marriage and riches.
  5. Water buffalo hate white people. They'll chase you. No joke.
  6. You've got to go clam hunting at least once in your life. It'll give you a pedicure. Clams are delicious, so are rats.
  7. I've learned staring is rude in the USA. Get used to it there. Oh, and if you see white people, you'll stare too.
  8. Water does not help the burning in your mouth from spicy food. Dairy does. Drink milk, eat yogurt. P.S. Water does help when it gets spiciness your eyes.
  9. Showing your midriff is okay. Showing your ankles is not.
  10. I hope you like rice. Rats taste like dirt.
  11. Pay attention to voiced and voiceless consonants. This is important.
  12. Being fat is beautiful.
  13. If you want to give someone the bird, show them the bottom of your foot. I wouldn't recommend it.
  14. Bartering is essential for survival. Get used to it, and get good at it. They think you're wealthy like Bill Gates.
  15. Leprosy isn't uncommon.
  16. A shawl is a dreadful thing. A shawl is your friend. You must wear it.
  17. You're expected to be or to know a movie star. It wouldn't hurt to meet one before you go, just for a story. Though, it may confirm to them that all westerners are immoral. Prove them wrong.
  18. If you have light skin, people might think that you're a demon or that you bathe in milk.
  19. Don't look for mountains. There aren't any. The same goes for snow.
  20. Electric storms are a common occurrence. Electricity might not be.
  21. Many people have fewer limbs than you.
  22. Pedestrians do not have the right-of-way. The biggest vehicle wins even if it sends the little guy off the cliff. Your car horn acts as your blinker and your "Hey! Get out of my way!" and your "I'm here."
  23. You might want to give up pork.
  24. I've met few in the USA who have come even close to the hospitality you'll find in Bangladesh. They'd cook everything they have, lavish gifts on you, praise you, and then donate all their organs for you (not quite, but close).
  25. Love them, because He loves them. It's not hard.


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