Saturday, March 08, 2008

Jesus, I Adore Thee (13th Century Chant) arr. Stephen Caracciolo

Jesus, I adore Thee, Word of truth and grace,
Who in glory shineth light upon our race.
Christ, to Thee surrendered, my whole heart is bowed.
Alpha and Omega, thou true Son of God.

Taste and touch and vision to discern Thee, fail;
faith that comes by hearing pierces through the veil.
I believe whate'er the Son of God hath told.
What the truth hath spoken, that for truth I hold.

Word of God incarnate, Lord of life and light,
teach me how to love and worship Thee aright.
Holy Spirit, ever bide within my heart,
speaking Thy commandments, telling all Thou art.

Wondrous revelation, verity and grace.
Lo, in heaven's glory I see Thee face to face.
Light of endless ligh Whom heaven and earth adore,
fill me with Thy radiance, now and evermroe.

(text by St. Thomas Aquinas; translation by Stephen Caracciolo)

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