Friday, September 19, 2008

I am.


When I'm emotional I tend to do one of three things:  talk, play the piano, or draw.  Today, my heart has been quite heavy for a dear childhood friend who is battling for his life against cancer.  He's going to be twenty-three next week.  Please lift him and his family up in prayer.

Saturday, September 13, 2008


Here are the top 3 reasons to "WAHOO!" in my life right now.

3.  Last night the Angels prevailed over the Mariners 5-3 on catcher Napoli's two-out, two-run homer off Batista in the ninth inning!  AND---I was there!!!  (Shh... I wore a Twins shirt to bed.  I feel so torn.)  It was a great night and a huge reason to "wahoo" because I was doing that all night.

 IMG_0461 IMG_0457 IMG_0462

est2.  My sister Esther and I have been bonding.  She's been showing me the spots in LA.  For example, we went to a coffee shop that is called "The Pig" and looks like a forest inside.  I've been going to her Bible study way down in San Pedro, and we went to the game last night.  She is a huge reason to "wahoo."


And the top reason is........

1.  I'M AN AUNTIE!!!!!!!!

Again.  Hannah Dapelo was born this morning at 7:04.  She was 6lbs and 18''.  She was a few weeks early and there were some complications, but God is so good and gracious!  Lots of people were praying.  You can read about it on my sister's and bro-in-law's blog 

Congratulations go to parents (Joe & Mary), siblings (Lily & Jacob), godparents (Esther, David, & Rachel), grandparents (so many), and all!  Welcome to the world little one.  May you grow up to be a beautiful woman of our wonderful Lord!  WAHOOOOOOOOOOO!


Thursday, September 11, 2008

Letter from some guy

I've been posting way more than usual, but I'm kind of on vacation in the midst of my hectic speaking schedule. Besides, I read a fantastic letter, and I've got to share it.

So there’s this guy who went on this missionary journey back in the day, kinda like what I’m about to do…except this was his third. He wrote this incredible letter. I’m going to plagiarize a bit because there’s no way that I can put it better than he can. Basically the letter was urging me to stop conforming to what the world is doing and to revamp my mind in order to be transformed. This way, I will be able to test and approve God’s will which is always good, pleasing, and perfect. Praise the Lord for that! The letter also reminded me that I’m not walking alone. There are so many people who are following God, and we are all working together like body parts do in a body. We’ve all got different gifts, and we should encourage each other to use these gifts. Even in Nigeria, I’m going to be part of that body. He wrote about love. Hate evil, love good. Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer. I needed to hear these things … several times I guess, because people keep reading this letter to me all over the place.

Anyways, this letter is so convicting and encouraging. Let me know what you think of the concept “Living Sacrifice”—pretty profound, eh?

Prayer pleas(e):

1. Travels: I left MN in Aug and I’ve shared in 4 churches, a school, and a few small groups. I’ve got MANY more, and I won’t be back “home” in MN until November. Yay for snowmen! I’m in Northern California and Oregon next so let me know if I’m near you!!!

2. Assignment: LBT's still working things out. Anyone know where I can get a good motorcycle helmet. I know, I know, it’s crazy.

3. Wanted: We still need tutors for LBT! I’m pretty sure you’ve gotta be Lutheran to go with the organization. You know what they say, “You don’t have to be Lutheran to teach kids, but it sure doesn’t hurt.”

Saturday, September 06, 2008

Becoming a worm...or something

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I am going through a reading overload. This is not because I've been reading too much. I don't think this has ever happened. While my three siblings were perfecting their reading skills, I was climbing trees and playing with the village kids. My parent's were happy that I even learned how to read for how little time I spent doing the activity. My reading overload has come from book discoveries. I just realized today that I have at least 8-10 books that I have begun reading! Ooops. It's not my fault. I was plugging away at Foxe's Book of Christian Martyrs, Peace Child, and Elliot's Be Still My Soul (which have been a several month projects during treasured spare moments). I was also reading a couple books in preparation for Nigeria: Travel Well and African Friends and Money Matters. So when I began my roadtrip I brought these along with The Heavenly Man (which I began reading at a youth hostel in Utah), some heart nurturing book I got from someone at LBT, and a fabulous Semantics and Translation book by K. Barnwell that I have been slowly working through. Since my arrival to California, my grandpa has given me at least two books to read: The Treasure Principle and The Translated Bible (which I'm thrilled about!). Also, I just spoke at a church and met the son and daughter-in-law of John Anderson, the man who helped start LBT's work in West Africa. They lent me his book to read and I've gotten through the first couple chapters or so! Wahoo!!! What do I do? Any suggestions?  And, no, I don't know how to skim.

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Stand Strong

(by Chelsea Guevara---This girl is 17 and a phenomenal singer and songwriter.  I just met her last Sunday at a church in So Cal.)

Today everyone walks around so confused,

so blinded by the sin we accept and let in.

Could we even explain the truth if we had a chance?

For our Lord God would we make a stand?



Can we stand our ground, even when the

earth shares beneath our feet?

Will you follow the crowd?

Will you let it knock you down?

Will you allow losing your faith & identity?


Are we ashamed of God's holy name?

Are you happy with the decision you've made?

Have you told the words of how God's love saves,

of not to worry or being afraid?


Can you say I love you?

Can you say that you do?

And offer more than this?


Will you follow the crowd?

Will you let it know you down?

Will you allow losing you faith and identity?

4all or nothing

When I think of all you've done

And how I used to be,

I really see your mercy and

Your loving grace towards me.


Every pain that I've cause

And every word I say,

I know I can start a new beginning

And show your new ways.


So here I am.

I stand here today,

willing and able to give you praise.

Giving you my all

was the best choice I've ever made.

Sorry I was blind.

Now I can see, and

I give you my all...and all.


Focusing on you

In this world is hard to do.

No matter what I'm doing

no matter where I'm all,

I wanna keep you in my mind

through everyday and night.

Keep the sins away from me.

We won't give up the fight.


Every step I take I will

fall, but you've be there helping

Me along.

(Written & sung by the band @ Cross & Crown)

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