Wednesday, September 03, 2008

4all or nothing

When I think of all you've done

And how I used to be,

I really see your mercy and

Your loving grace towards me.


Every pain that I've cause

And every word I say,

I know I can start a new beginning

And show your new ways.


So here I am.

I stand here today,

willing and able to give you praise.

Giving you my all

was the best choice I've ever made.

Sorry I was blind.

Now I can see, and

I give you my all...and all.


Focusing on you

In this world is hard to do.

No matter what I'm doing

no matter where I'm all,

I wanna keep you in my mind

through everyday and night.

Keep the sins away from me.

We won't give up the fight.


Every step I take I will

fall, but you've be there helping

Me along.

(Written & sung by the band @ Cross & Crown)

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