Saturday, September 13, 2008


Here are the top 3 reasons to "WAHOO!" in my life right now.

3.  Last night the Angels prevailed over the Mariners 5-3 on catcher Napoli's two-out, two-run homer off Batista in the ninth inning!  AND---I was there!!!  (Shh... I wore a Twins shirt to bed.  I feel so torn.)  It was a great night and a huge reason to "wahoo" because I was doing that all night.

 IMG_0461 IMG_0457 IMG_0462

est2.  My sister Esther and I have been bonding.  She's been showing me the spots in LA.  For example, we went to a coffee shop that is called "The Pig" and looks like a forest inside.  I've been going to her Bible study way down in San Pedro, and we went to the game last night.  She is a huge reason to "wahoo."


And the top reason is........

1.  I'M AN AUNTIE!!!!!!!!

Again.  Hannah Dapelo was born this morning at 7:04.  She was 6lbs and 18''.  She was a few weeks early and there were some complications, but God is so good and gracious!  Lots of people were praying.  You can read about it on my sister's and bro-in-law's blog 

Congratulations go to parents (Joe & Mary), siblings (Lily & Jacob), godparents (Esther, David, & Rachel), grandparents (so many), and all!  Welcome to the world little one.  May you grow up to be a beautiful woman of our wonderful Lord!  WAHOOOOOOOOOOO!



  1. okay, i agree w/ wahoo # 3 wholeheartedly. #2 i'm indifferent to, but good for you. i have to take exception to #1 however, since those angels were playing my mariners. i mean, really, they're already clinched the al west, give us a break! i know it's good to root for the home team and all, but go for the underdog! smiles!

  2. Congratulations on being an Auntie! I'm glad she didn't come quite as early as they thought she might... glad you are doing well from the sound of it :)

  3. Yes, Ruthie! I`m pregnant with a little girl. "En jente", means "a girl". My due-date is january 26. We are so happy!!

  4. congratulatione, kristine!!! i am so excited for you. miss you all!!


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