Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Simply loving him/Him!

I absolutely love mornings. Why? Why would I wake up at 5am? Why would I stomp through the rain to my car and drive to meet someone for two hours before work?

It's easy and an absolute delight! I met Josh this morning at Caribou to read with him and sit with him while he did some schoolwork. It was such a joy. Josh helps me better understand what my mindset should be when I approach the love of my life. Sure, Joshua is my earthly dearest, but my true love is my Savior. Would I wake up while it's still dark to dress up in His favorite skirt, shirt, and makeup (or something like patience, kindness, goodness...) to drive through the rain so I can spend two hours with Him before I start my day?

I have a lot to learn, and my dear sweet Joshua is teaching me (without even know it). It's unbelievable how much the Lord is using Josh to teach me how to love Him by simply loving him.
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