Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Plans are Changing... Again

Well, my life is changing... AGAIN! About three months ago, I had a few meetings with LBT, and we discussed the details of my assignment. They were uncomfortable with my level of commitment because of my budding courtship. They told me that I needed to commit to more than one term or consider resignation. After several weeks of discussion and prayer, I resigned from LBT. I have not and still do not have peace in commiting to more than one term at this time. Unfortunately there are no short term or home staff options for me so I'm seeking the Lord for the next step. I have sent my last prayer letter which is linked here or on the side under "My Journey." I look forward to serving overseas, Lord willing. I've been waiting to go for about six years, and God is still saying, "Not now."

In the midst of all these changes, I met Joshua at a Wycliffe Bible Translators meeting. This is all pretty exciting AND unexpected. God is doing something BIG! See pictures of us here.

I am hoping to continue working on my master's degree in linguistics by taking the Literacy Megacourse this summer at SIL at the University of North Dakota. This will give me training to be a Literacy Specialist. Josh is also going this summer to begin his studies in linguistics!!! Then, who knows? I have quite a few options... I could finish my M.A. in TX or stay in MN. I would love to finish my degree, but Josh is a fabulous reason to stick around for a while. Hmm... more to come on this story.


  • Keep me in prayer!
  • Support LBT and Bible translation work with prayer and contributions. Here are are some opportunities.
  • Contact me if you have ANY questions after reading my letter.
  • Let me know if you would like to receive email updates.
This is a crazy time of unexpected transitions, but He is so good! Thank you for standing with me in prayer.

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