Friday, November 25, 2005

...It is time

I suppose it's about time for another update. Thanksgiving was celebrated with the Dahl's! It was wonderful to spend time with Kathie, Jeff, and my wonderful cuddly cousins. I miss my family desperately. Sadness came over me when David forgot that I was associated with the legendary Johnny Lee (my brother) and the rest of the Lees. Though I talk about them often, I have become separate in some way and that was very difficult to hear. I know David is only six, but the separation has long ago become too long and it has become painful. It has been about six months since I saw my family... Nine since I've been home... eleven if I don't count the couple days I saw them while saying goodbye to sweet Grandma Boe in the hospital. I will be home on the 16th, Lord willing. I count the moments. Apart from these bitter moments of longing, much has gone on...

I have met and will continue to meet with my adviser. I'm currently in the process of getting my 2nd semester schedule approved, some last bills paid, etc. Registration time! This time I have a major! Linguistics and Ancient Language & Culture. Phew. My adviser is pushing for about a year and a half for me, so I should be done with my B.A. by Spring '07. It feels impossible, but it's in the Lord's hands. Please continue to pray as I have not been as committed to Greek as I should be. Two words: uphill battle.

Other than school... God is so great, so strong and so mighty; there's nothing my God cannot do! I have been brought back to my childhood for a moment and a sweet refreshing feeling came over me as I remember those innocent carefree days. Worry consisted of not falling out of trees and not loosing tag against all the village kids.

Prayer is the the only power against worry and the only weapon that can be used to solve the cause of worry. The Lord is in control! If you are reading this, please pray for one of my dearest and closest friends as she faces an uncertain problem that is completely out of her control. She rests right now in the peace that God has given her and she depends on his wisdom, his guidance, and his healing touch. Whatever happens, he WILL be glorified! Trust. Every blessing he's poured out, we must turn back to PRAISE!!! [My dear precious friend, God is so good. Blessings on you as you take the next step tomorrow morning. I love you.]

Another prayer request: Grandma Ottesen is at the ER right now. She fell off a chair in the kitchen and possible broke her arm or hand. Pray that no permanent damage has been done.

Ottesen Grandparents

These are a couple of incredible pictures of my Grandpa and Grandma Ottesen with my mom. I think of them often and the incredible lessons they have passed down of being sold out for Christ.

Sunday, November 13, 2005

My Family away from my family.

Top left to right: JoAnna and Abbey
Bottom: Emily, Lauren, Mandy, Rochelle, and Me


JoAnna is an example of a gentle quiet spirit.

Abbey takes care of me and lets me vent.

Emily makes me laugh and chears up my day.

Lauren reminds me of the joy of the Lord.

Mandy brings out my wild and crazy side and makes me think.

Rochelle cleans up after me and teaches me discipline.

Wednesday, November 02, 2005


Lily was a kitty! :) I can hardly believe that she's already 7 months and a week old!!! Woah!

Life is good. I met with my adviser today and things are looking pretty good. She is very encouraging and positive. (I love that.) Right now I'm in the process of deciding what classes to take for my Linguisitics/Ancient Languages major, what topic I'm going to adress for my capstone project, and also choosing people for my commitee who are willing and able. One possible option that I have been playing with is addressing all the errors in the Santali Bible and tying that in with linguistics and theory. Hmm... if anyone has any ideas, that would be much appreciated. I'm looking forward to working on all this, but right now it seems so big and past my ability of understanding. Greek right now is my biggest concern with trying to catch up so I can get into Elementary Greek II at the semester. "Lord, multiply my time." It's looking like an impossible task, but I'm so glad that the Lord's strength comes through in my weekness. I've only done 1 of 5 tests, but I'm happy with my grade, so it was encouraging. Here are some things that I would really appreciate prayer for:

*Motivation and drive for the things I am going through right now
*Patience as to what my future holds
*Guidence as to what steps to take with classes and goals
*Joy at my workplace (beginning to close on Thursday nights which is a pretty big step)
*Time prioritizing
*Continual provision
*Beginning therapy for my knees

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