Sunday, November 13, 2005

My Family away from my family.

Top left to right: JoAnna and Abbey
Bottom: Emily, Lauren, Mandy, Rochelle, and Me


JoAnna is an example of a gentle quiet spirit.

Abbey takes care of me and lets me vent.

Emily makes me laugh and chears up my day.

Lauren reminds me of the joy of the Lord.

Mandy brings out my wild and crazy side and makes me think.

Rochelle cleans up after me and teaches me discipline.


  1. It is a gift of God to have faithful friends!

    Lovely blog you have here, Ruthie!

  2. Hi Ruthie!
    This is Kristi, "the missionary wanna-be :)
    Great blog! I was looking at your favorite books in your have good taste! Elisabeth Elliott and Amy Carmichael and Brucho are some of my favorites as well!
    Hope you got my e-mail. It's good to meet you sister!


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