Sunday, September 23, 2007


Now that I am approved as a missionary by LBT, the craziness begins. This fall semester is wild, and I'm so grateful for your prayers and all the encouragement I have received. THANK YOU! I'm beginning to contact people about speaking in churches and groups. This is a long and difficult process--filling my schedule September through December with speaking engagements. Please pray that the Lord will guide me to the right churches and to people who will be receptive and willing to listen.I have moved an hour north from where I was to help a dear friend who's expecting. She and her husband already have four boys, and she's having many complications with the pregnancy. I've become a live-in nanny (probably through December). The kids are extremely cute, but they are definitely a handful. Pray that I have patience with them, and pray that the Lord gives me wisdom regarding discipline and daily instruction.On top of these two practically full time jobs, I will also be taking a directed study in Hermeneutics. My plans have changed quite a bit this past week or so, but I have peace in the Lord's faithfulness and control. I am learning so much. Thank you again for you prayers, love, and encouragement. Please keep me updated on your life.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Nanny time!

There are some big changes!As most of you know, I have been living with my parent for the past year which has been an incredible blessing. This may change very soon. A married couple, Micah and Jennifer are very dear friends of mine who I've known for many years, and they have come to a very challenging point in their life. I feel like the Lord has blessed me with the opportunity to help. I grew up with Micah in Bangladesh and I consider his family as my own... our families are extremely close.The situation:They live about an hour north of where I live now. Micah and Jennifer are expecting their 5th child. Pregnancies have always been tough for Jen and this one is the worst so far. She has a blood condition which causes the baby's blood to clot. For that reason she must be on a blood thinner. This time that treatment caused internal bleeding within the uterus so had to be discontinued. This places a higher risk on the baby. Jen is feeling absolutely terrible physically. She is unable to eat or drink properly, and the 4 boys they already have are a handful. She normally homeschools, and Micah works full time. Their world has turned inside out, and they are desperately in need of help and prayer.PLEASE PRAY!Despite my assignment to do partnership development (prayer and financial support raising for my upcoming ministry overseas) this fall from LBT, I have been given permission to ALSO help Micah and Jen. The situation is still being discussed, but I may live with them until December while I am doing traveling and speaking on weekends throughout Minnesota (Micah works full time during the week). This will make my schedule completely full, but I trust the Lord's provision. I don't know what all they need, but with 4 little redheaded boys, hospital runs, cooking, cleaning, possibly homeschooling/school runs, I'm sure I'll keep my weekdays full. On top of this, I have to speak on weekends and hopefully some weekdays at churches about LBT and Bible translation.AGAIN, Please pray for Micah and Jen, the baby, the boys, me, and this situation. Please email me at if you have any questions or comments. The Lord's blessings on you.
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