Sunday, September 23, 2007


Now that I am approved as a missionary by LBT, the craziness begins. This fall semester is wild, and I'm so grateful for your prayers and all the encouragement I have received. THANK YOU! I'm beginning to contact people about speaking in churches and groups. This is a long and difficult process--filling my schedule September through December with speaking engagements. Please pray that the Lord will guide me to the right churches and to people who will be receptive and willing to listen.I have moved an hour north from where I was to help a dear friend who's expecting. She and her husband already have four boys, and she's having many complications with the pregnancy. I've become a live-in nanny (probably through December). The kids are extremely cute, but they are definitely a handful. Pray that I have patience with them, and pray that the Lord gives me wisdom regarding discipline and daily instruction.On top of these two practically full time jobs, I will also be taking a directed study in Hermeneutics. My plans have changed quite a bit this past week or so, but I have peace in the Lord's faithfulness and control. I am learning so much. Thank you again for you prayers, love, and encouragement. Please keep me updated on your life.

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