Tuesday, July 08, 2008

A few faves...


#5 - Beans - I've got a pot of homemade beans on the stove right now for a family dinner.  They're a staple.




#4 - Dead Mosquito - I know this is kinda sick, but I can't stand these little buggers.  I was welcomed by them as soon as I got to the Midwest.  Bangladesh and Nigeria both have them pretty bad.  They're my lot in life.



#3 - Roses - This year was the first anniversary in 29 years that Mama and Daddy were away from each other, but Mama still got her roses.  Daddy's the man.


Photo0079#2 - Lakes - This is the view out my back door here in MN.  I have sure missed this and our swing over the past 6 months.




#1 - Family - I love being back with my family for a short time.  They are the best (even when my brother squeezes my hand until I say uncle).

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