Wednesday, July 06, 2005

ma'mu(voiceless bilabial fricative)(voiceless i)si(voiceless i)ka

This means 'when he blew his nose' in Comanche, US.

I'm still alive. Made it through yesturday. I have a phonetics production test in about 25 minutes. We have to say really long words with nasals, fricatives, stops, affricates, voiceless and nasalized things, etc. Sound exciting? There are several of us in the computer lab right now with our head phones on, repeating the words over and over again. (Just a little glimpse of my world.) We say the words in the halls, in class, on the volleyball courts before we serve ... If you don't want phonetics to take over your world, don't study it. I'm not even kidding you. As for syntax, we have a test tomorrow. We were slowly becoming friends (me and syntax) and then bam attack, war, fight. Hopefully I'll come back sane.

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