Wednesday, August 10, 2005


My apologies for the over due update. This one also must be brief unfortunately. Just some emergency prayer requests and praises ...

*I made it safely back to the cities and am staying with Kathie
*I got my luggage that was left in Grand Forks
*Great summer!!! Details to come ...
*First day on the job today went well at Baker's Square
*The ministry there, I can see is already opening when my supervisor said she had a lot of questions to ask me about the Bible. I can hardly believe it! Day #1 and the Lord is already blowing me away. Praise God!

*My move on the 15th that everything goes smoothly
*School starts on the 24th
*Continual surrender

Some special emergency prayer requests ...
*My dear friend from bible school, Jeremy Crowell, called me the night before last. He told me that his dad, Pastor Michael Crowell, was killed in a plane crash on the landing in Oshkosh, WI. He was alone in a home-made airplane from his home in Arlington, WA. He was the head of the mission organization MATA that teams up with JAARS and others to do mission aviation. Possibly someday flying me somewhere! Jeremy is praising God with his mom and 15 year old brother and 22 year old sister and husband. Please keep the family in your prayers as they grieve this loss and look forward to the blessing the Lord is abundantly pouring out on them. Jeremy is still with MATA.

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