Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Congratulations Christy!

Well, I've moved. My house is pretty cute. It's 5 bedrooms, but we're going to need it with 7 GIRLS! Insanity? Yes, I believe so. I'm not completely unpacked, but settled enough to get by. I start school tomorrow. Eek. I don't know where any of my classes are and I think that's a bit of a problem. I'm taking English, Math, Anthropology, Fitness, Music Appreciation, and Western Civ. 18 Credit. Why do I do this? Oh well. I'm looking forward to getting into some kind of routine though. I'm working at Baker's Square and trying to trust the Lord with the hours that I'm getting. He will provide and I'm learning that I can't be in control of my income and such things. I'm having fun seeing old friends and catching up on all the summer news. My dear friend of 11 years is engaged! Congratulations Christy Nelson!!! It's going to give me a good excuse to go home to be in the wedding ... still deciding a date. Josh is surely a lucky man to be getting one of my dearest friends. Well, all is well ... overall it is, but there are many little stresses that need prayer. Praise the Lord though, right? For all the stretching and molding.

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