Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Going Single

"Be assured, there is nothing spiritual whatsoever about trying to ignore one's emotional needs and 'just live by faith' instead.  To deny one's needs in a vain attempt to live above them is a sure way to become enslaved to one's needs, to become controlled by them, to be need-driven rather than faith-driven.  Having emotional needs is not the antithesis of faith nor is the absence of needs the hallmark of a godly saint."  -Graybill

I have been working my way through a paper called the Emotional Needs of Women on the Mission Field.  Honestly, this is kind of a big deal for me because I teld to plow through life and ignore my "emotional needs."  Since I'm about a month away from departure, Lord willing, it's very important that I acknowledge and address these needs.  Studies have said that single women have a very difficult time "thriving" on the field, more so than single men or married individuals.  I have no idea what struggles I will face, but I have been warned of being lonely, perfectionism, being a workaholic, burning out, etc.  This paper addresses many of these potential issues.  It is long, but can be helpful for many types of people.  

*Single women missionaries like me
*Married women missionaries
*Friends and spouses working with women
*Pray-ers and supporters who want to know how to relate/pray

"Perhaps the greatest need--and callenge--for singles is that of learning to function as a "solo" on the mission field...a single woman does not carry her support system with her to the mission field.  She has left family behind and goes totally alone to establish a new life."

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  1. Thanks for posting that article, Ruthie. I ran into a lot of those issues, so it's good that you're thinking so carefully about it!! Blessings as you prepare, my friend.


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