Thursday, August 14, 2008

News for the Day

1.  I chopped off and donated 13+ inches of my hair.

2.  My room is full of boxes and junk because my brother wanted to trade rooms since I'm leaving.

3.  I haven't started packing for my 3 month long road trip and I'm leaving on Saturday.  AHH!

4.  I've installed several of my linguistic/translation programs, and I feel like playing with all the new keyboards and dictionary making programs... sigh.

5.  I've been listening to some serious pounding on our roof all day.  They're re-roofing/siding our entire apartment complex because of hail damage.  Gotta love the Midwest!

6.  I'm having a slumber party tonight with my little cousins (9, 12, 14).

7.  My brother-in-law wins the greatest brother-in-law award!  (see

8.  Chacos are the best sandals ever made.

9.  I love salad.

10.  I only have 5 months before I pack my bags for Nigeria!

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