Saturday, August 02, 2008

20 New Lessons from My Road Trip

1. I can survive and eat well without a refrigerator.

2. I feel connected to anyone who has been to SIL-UND no matter when they've been there.

3. African clothes are extremely comfortable.

4. Glasses are not a good thing to forget on a two week long road trip. Contacts are only comfortable until about 9 pm.

5. Water can be too soft to wash off soap.

6. Rice is normally cooked one cup to every two cups of water, but it's one to one with super soft water.

7. Organic spices are way more potent than regular.

8. When a lost and found in downtown Chicago says they have my lost phone, I can get really excited.

9. Another person lost a t-mobile Samsung slider sitting at the train station lost and found in Chicago. (Crazy story!)

10. My niece Hannah is trying to push her way out of my sister's belly. I'm not even kidding!

11. I really don't like fluorescent lights.

12. People and churches I've never met are some of my greatest supporters.

13. My nephew Jacob prefers wet diapers to dry ones sometimes.

14. My niece Lily can learn a song after hearing it once. (I have to watch what I say!)

15. My new car's name is Linus.

16. There are flushable squatty potties.

17. I may be getting a motercycle in Nigeria.

18. I love to sing in French, but I don't understand why things are spelled the way they are.

19. There's no such thing as "too spicy."

20. "Shake my sillies out" is a really funny song to get stuck in my head.

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