Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Most Beautiful State

Then I entered the state that wins the gold metal for the all around most beautiful state...CO.  I saw friends in Colorado Springs and stayed with other friends in Manitou Springs.  The hills were an adventure for Linus (my car), but we both survived and had an outrageously good time.  I stayed in an ancient hotel used for a camp, and my friend took me to a local Mate place where everything is organic and the cups are compostable.


I had to see this on my way to the showers.  Above my shower was a sign that said something like this:  "Hey there tiger, tuck in the curtain unless you want the people below you to enjoy your shower too.  There could be consequences like ideas."


I saw many construction cones, mountains, lakes, interesting places, and beautiful things.  My car thanks whoever thought of using tunnels instead of making the road go over some of those hills.



I want to thank all the states that don't use tolls and the people who changed my oil.  Let me just tell you.  It doesn't matter what kind of oil change job a girl gets... If someone vacuums her car and gives her a flower, she'll think it's the best.


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