Wednesday, February 20, 2008

A moment in my day.

It is 1:34 pm, and I am sitting in an empty classroom. I have a habit of coming to class very early... somewhat obsessive. Discourse Analysis. We just did some charting on "The Tale of the Three Trees." This course is interesting, challenging, and makes me think. It seems like everything in my life has been that way since moving to Dallas a month ago.

Everything is new.

It hasn't been difficult adjusting and fitting into this world of linguistic nerds who love Jesus, but I do feel somewhat alone. I left my family, friends, prayer group, and everything comfortable. I feel like it's easy to be obedient because I love what I'm doing, but giving up the privilege of living with my family and fellowshipping with a very tight-knit group has definitely been a challenge. I'm grateful for this training ground.

Class begins.

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