Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Was California, am Oregon, will be Montana

I finished my adventures in California.  I've put over 5,000 miles on my car and have driven through 9  states in less than 2 months.  I'm in Bend, Oregon \visiting one of my best friends from high school and a good friend from linguistic school in ND.  It just so happened that they both moved to this beautiful city!  I'm going to Portland area tomorrow for a few days and then on to NE Oregon before I make my way through Montana.  It's kind of crazy, but I'm having tons of fun!!!  Here are some things that I've enjoyed in recent travels.  You know, the little things other than living out of my car and getting to know gas stations pretty well.


n560654010_954091_8002 1.  Yogurt!  This is a wonderful substitute for my ice cream weakness.  It's delicious and good for you.  I went with some cousins and got a beauty just like this.




gWpOpTUn 2.  Baseball. I've discovered a very strong like for the game.  My baseball knowledge has grown significantly, and I've been following the playoffs very closely.  I've almost peed my pants a couple times, and I've come close to crying.

golden_retriever_4 3.   Dogs.  As some of you know... I haven't always loved the creatures.  Do you blame a girl who's been attacked a couple times and has had a couple series of rabies' shots?  Well, I'm convinced that I want to get a dog when I get to Nigeria.  I love them when I'm not scared of them.

toyota 4.  My car.  Don't get me wrong... I loved my little Pontiac.  BUT when I get 36-40 mpg, I learn to really appreciate my little Corolla.  (I think the Lord's multiplying my gas.)



5.  Paper clamps.  These things are so handy!  Not only do they hold stacks of paper together, but also missionary style display boards!



chaco 6.  Chacos.  This item has come up on multiple missionary blogs for a reason.  They have become nearly permanent fixtures on my feet.  Unfortunately, I'm driving toward the frozen tundra.

Church7.  The Church.  I love it.  I am referring to the body of members.  We are all part of the body (I Cor 12:12).  This has become especially important to me as I've been speaking in dozens of churches around the country.

n1131044002_158341_8985 8.  Paint.  It is so wonderful to do, especially after a long day of speaking/visiting.




n1131044002_158353_28879.  The Coast.  I love the West Coast with it's sun and beaches, but I do miss my Midwest fall leaves.  Don't worry MN, I'm on my way back.



n1131044002_158370_8755 10.  Pho.  I had it twice in San Francisco!!  It made me miss Dallas and friends (the last time I had it).




n1131044002_150032_5039 11.  Speaking.  I know this is dreaded my many if not most missionaries, but I'm loving it!!!  I love going to the different churches and groups and telling them about the ministry and about Bible translation (sometimes for the first time)!



n333000353_141925_4902 12.  Africa.  I'm learning more about it, and I'm excited to finally go in just a few months, Lord willing.  I'm looking forward to meeting the learning about the Yala people of Nigeria.


  1. hey, I love the updates...call me when you get bored. Say hi to everyone for me. Oh, you might want to message Sarah Squire. Her blog is now by invitation only so you won't see updates on it until she invites you. She has done lots since the post you have on here. Anywho. I miss you. Safe driving. Muah!

  2. no use almost crying over spilled dodger blue...haha...miss you. wish you were coming next week for the baptism.

  3. you make me happy :)
    i wish you were still here..
    love you!

  4. I posted this comment a couple of days ago but for some reason it didn't go through..that's a real shame...so now I am redoing it because I don't want you and your cousins in the Bay Area to miss the joy of reading it.
    It said something to the affect of: "ahh...there is no use crying over spilt dodger blue!"
    Love ya, Ruthie! Wish you were going to be here next week.

  5. that blue spilled all over the place. oh well. see you soon, dapelos!


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