Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The Garden


I spent a few days at my uncle's place near Portland.  He's out in the boonies.  I didn't have Internet or phone reception for a few days.  It was wonderful practice for the village.  I did stress a bit about the unseen incoming emails which may have been about speaking engagements and things, but I was grateful for a "vacation."  His camper is parked on his girlfriend's property, and he's transformed the place into a spectacular garden.  This incredible uncle of mine is a Vietnam Vet and has been battling skin cancer for over 20 years.  He does genealogy and landscaping in his spare time to keep active.  I learned a great deal these past few days.  He's got the family line all the way back to 1140!!  Our family is NOT related to Robert E. Lee after all.  Oh, and I've got some French.  Would've thunk?

I had a wonderful time going to the Oregon coast, seeing Tilamook Cheese factory, and hanging with family.

 IMG_0528 IMG_0530


 IMG_0542 IMG_0534


IMG_0743 IMG_0727



IMG_0640 IMG_0642

IMG_0661 IMG_0697

IMG_0600 IMG_0599


IMG_0631 IMG_0612

IMG_0610 IMG_0607



IMG_0719 IMG_0675

IMG_0681 IMG_0655



  1. I love your Uncle's shirt! Also, you're quite the photographer :) Miss you.

  2. LOVE the tillamook cheese factory! i also spied an OLD SCHOOL curling iron in there somewhere. that's pretty cool.

  3. Ruthie! I love the photos! You've got quite the eye for beauty! :-)

  4. Cara--His shirt is quite fantastic. The best part is that it's pretty true. Miss you too. I hope to cross your path before I leave.

    Rachel--That is definitely an OLD SCHOOL curling iron. I kinda wanted it to take with me to the dark continent. Then I thought, why do anything with my hair for 3 years. I'm turning into a fantastic missionary as I start to fill the stereotype.

    Erin--Thanks. I've just been traveling all over and wanting to catch the beauty. That's all.


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