Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Hand in Hand


I was reading an old journal last night, and I came across an entry from a year ago this week. I was studying linguistics at SIL-UND in Grand Forks at the time and sitting in chapel listening to a classmate share some things that he was grateful for and things that he had learned. They touched my heart then and they touch it now especially as I am coming closer to my departure date. Fear and doubt are pressing in, but I feel like I'm walking hand in hand with my precious Redeemer and Lord.

1. Christian home.

2. God's not out to spoil you fun. Life is fulfilling if you live in His will.

3. It's okay to learn from humbling experiences.

4. Christians can be very ugly to each other. It's easy to be prideful.

5. Let your actions display Christ.

6. Go through training.

7. Be in an accountability group.

8. Importance of Scripture.

     "If the Scripture is in you,
      it's going to come out of you.
      If it's not,
      it won't."

9. God is faithful and reliable.

I just sent out my LBT newsletter for June, so if you didn't get it and you want it, let me know by messaging or emailing your address (  Magnify the Lord with me!

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