Thursday, April 22, 2010

5 Ways We're Preparing for Overseas Missions

1. Building Prayer Support 
We're looking for a strong prayer support base. This group is helping with that.
2. Learning About Global Mission
Josh and I are learning about needs in global missions, praying about them, and discussing them with others. How will we be involved? How are you involved?
3. Developing Skills
Part of overseas ministry is offering our skills to the Lord and to people. We're actively developing these. Josh is finishing a business degree and developing in HR. I'm learning a lot about communications and graphic design.
4. Ministering -- here!
We're praying about when and where to go, but we're also thinking about now. We have been talking about living our lives as if we were sent to Minneapolis as missionaries. Imagine that. This takes intentionality (and courage).
5. Praying
We're praying for those around us and those around the world. Even though we're not among the least reached as we would like to be, there are many who are.
Think about this today:

About a million Druze people are least reached & "open minded." Pray that they'll know the one true God, Jesus Christ!

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  1. I especially appreciate point 4, because it's when we're faithful in little that we're given more. How is God directing you in ministry here?


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