Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Three Kinds of Men

I’ve been reading Created to be His Help Meet. It’s a fairly opinionated and ultra-conservative book with some outdated language, but I’ve been gleaning some very insightful and helpful thoughts from it.

While being careful not to put Josh (or other men) into an assuming stereotype, I’ve found the author’s (Debi Pearl) “Three Kinds of Men” chapter helpful in understanding and relating to Josh.

presidentronaldreaganMr. Command

This man is typically a dominant and is born to be a leader (e.g. Winston Churchill, George Patton, Ronald Reagan). He is compared to God the Father. A wife would do well to be his queen, “ruling/leading” at his side, obeying, honoring, and revering.


Mr. Visionary

He is creative and spontaneous shaker, changer, and dreamer (e.g. prophets of the Old Testament, Thomas Edison, the Wright brothers). He is compared to the Holy Spirit. A wife would do well to enjoy the ride with enthusiasm through failures and successes of dreams and visions.


Mr. Steady

He is a caring, providing, and gentle servant. He is compared to Jesus Christ. A wife would do well to express gratitude often and be diligent and productive in tasks alongside her husband.

foot_washingEach role contains different aspects of God’s character. Most men are dominant in one while having traces of the other two. Josh and I had a helpful discussion last night about the three, and I learned better ways to relate to him and the way God created Him as sort of a Steady Visionary. I’m so excited about our discovery and the way the Lord teaches us each day. Thank you, Lord!

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