Thursday, January 14, 2010

Lesson #1 of a New Wife

I'm finishing up my second month of marriage, and I think it's about time to record lessons that I'm learning as a new wife.

I'm completely obsessed.

I think about Josh all day long. Apart from Christ, I've never wanted to please someone as much as I want to please Josh. Paul was right when he wrote I Corinthians 7. A married woman can easily become anxious about pleasing her husband. I'm learning this very quickly. I am also learning that pleasing him is a wonderful thing as long as my motivation is the glory of God. In the beginning God found it to be very good to create man and a companion for him. The primary purpose of our marriage is to be companions for each other and display Christ. Christ desires an incredibly intimate relationship with His bride, the Church, and He longs for His bride to respond with overwhelming obsession for Himself. Since I married Josh, I am understanding this at a whole new level.

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