Friday, November 28, 2008


I'm multitasking and going nuts.  I have two months left before my world is drastically changed.  My friend Rachel introduced me one of her stress-relieving tactics.  These are my first attempts at writing haiku.

sitting with daddy

wondering what to do next

i am going nuts

I have to pack, get rid of most of my things, and think about what to do with clothes, papers, letters, pictures, and junk.  Trash? Scrapbook?  Good will?  Who has time for that?

season changing so

please come with me, oh few things

worldly possessions


malaria pills

coming my way ev'ry month

do i have enough?


call-ed? what am i

obedient and or insane?

oh father, help me


what am i thinking?

living a life worthy is

quite impossible (Ephesians 4:1)


grace, it is enough

for me to live always on

thank you, King, you know

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