Wednesday, March 29, 2006

For the Love of Life

I had an amazing time in Minot. Rhoda was the most gracious hostess and the Jore family once again were very welcoming. It was so nice to get away for a few days and catch up on rest and sanity. Though I had many experiences along the way, I am alive and well. I went in the ditch and am so grateful for the Lord's hand of protection on me and my car. How fun it was to visit, play some games, and do lots of laughing. What a joy and blessing this family has been to me.

After Minot, I went to Bemidji and had a wonderful time visiting my dearest Ellie. We (she, her boyfriend-Corey, and I) ran around and did so much like taking pictures under Paul and Babe, thrifting, studying, walking, touring OHCC (Oak Hills Christian College, where I was going to go), spending time with SIL (Summer Institute of Linguistics) classmates, late night conversations, Finding Nemo, and so much more. What a dear partner in crime and fellow linguist-geek.

It's been a while since Spring Break. I am looking forward to 2 classes ending and having an easier schedule. I really enjoy my Bible Customs and Geography class, and I'm sad it's over. Hopefully, I'll be able to work more on my major requirements. I just had a wonderful Monday and Tuesday with Karen Olson, my cousin, who was here for choir tour with CLBI. How nice it was to remember how close I feel to her and how dear she is to me. Though we didn't have much time, we were able to get some talking and hugs in. I love her dearly.

These are just a few prayer requests if you think of me. Please pray:

  • that I might be a better witness at work and find joy in all things
  • for my knees (healing, discipline with therapy, wisdom for doctors)
  • patience for the Lord's guidance
  • that I might be more disciplined with school
  • for total surrender and hunger for God
Praise the Lord:

  • for the Bible Study I've joined with a co-worker
  • healing process of work relationships
  • good health (so far this winter I haven't been sick)
  • for his protection over break
  • for his unending provision

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