Thursday, August 12, 2010

Since 2009...

My aunt got me started on the tradition of writing in a birthday journal. Since I just turned 24, it was time to write again. This is a bit of it. Since 2009...

  • I've prepared to leave the country long-term and not gone.
  • I've resigned from an organization and joined another.
  • I've surrendered marriage and been given a husband.
  • I've had many vaccinations and not needed their effect.
  • I thought I was done at SIL-UND and was blessed with another summer taking literacy.
  • I've said "goodbye" to my 4 siblings and gained 7 more.
  • I've said "goodbye" to 2 nieces  and 1 nephew and gained 2 nieces and 6 nephews.
  • I've grieved leaving my parents and gained another set.
  • I've talked about moving from "home" for a mission field and seen my parents move to Alaska, a mission field.
  • I've given my car and other earthly possessions away and have been given them back.
  • I've taken leave from graduate school and have begun helping a husband through school.
  • I've studied my identity and calling and gained a whole new set.
  • I've prayed about a host family and have begun hosting my brother.
  • I've prayed about a partner in ministry and have gained a partner for life.
  • I've prepared for the village and moved to the city.
  • I've worried about safety and have been given a protector.
  • I've done pre-field counseling that turned into premarital counseling.

      I've walked with the Lord.
      I've seen His hand on my life.
      I've been encouraged and affirmed.
      I've been provided for.
      I've grown.
      I still love people.
      I still want to be a missionary.
      I still want to do Bible translation.
      I just gave it all up to marry a man 
      who wants to give it all back... and more!
      Good thing that God does what He wants. 
      His way is way better anyway!


      1. How sad that I missed wishing you a happy birthday on your day! I was flying home from down-under. I love what you wrote here! It's all so true! Isn't God good. And I love "trust and obey" too! I remember singing it the most in my grandparents little country church when I was growing up! May you have a God-filled joyous year!

      2. Thank you, Wendy! Thinking of you and your home makes me smile. So many wonderful things happen there. I love it! Just think, we'll be promoting your dessert nights for life. Every time someone asks "Where did you meet?" We respond, " [this] Wycliffe Dessert Night."


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