Monday, June 01, 2009

Move and "Goodbye"

I moved! Last week, my parents left for Salinas, CA where my Dad is doing a 11 month internship for seminary. Life is pretty crazy and unpredictable for me right now. I was "supposed to be" in Nigeria, but the Lord changed that. I'm now unemployed, living with my cousins just east of St. Paul, and getting ready to move to ND for 2 months for SIL!

It was a lot of work, but we had a great time my parents into a moving truck :) and me to the Dahl house. This is a couch that was given to Josh and me! We found that it fit 5 comfortably. Kristine, Jeremy, and John were happy to help us out with relaxing during the move. :)

I am so happy that my family loves Josh and that he loves them! They have WAY too much fun!!! Here, Josh and Kristine (my sister of another mother) are pretending to surf on the trailer. Weirdos.

I had a wonderful two and a half years with my parents and brother! I am excited to see what the Lord has in store, but I will miss this beautiful apartment, the swing, and the view of Medicine Lake!

It was hard to say goodbye to them. I am going to miss them so much! I am so excited for them and the opportunity to serve at St. Ansgar's in Salinas! Bless you, dear family.

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